The tropical vivarium.

A common question about the vivarium is how big it should be. The best thing is to adapt the size of the vivarium depending on the number of frogs you are planning to keep in it. However it is better to build to big than it is to build to small. It is often recommended that you build high instead of wide vivarium since most frogs tends to climb a lot. A good standard size fore vivariums are: L 70 cm * H 70 cm * D 50 cm.
Humidity: A humidity approx 80 - 90 % makes the frogs and the plant get on well and flourish. With the help of a hotplate placed under the vivarium the water from the shower vaporises and contributes to a higher level of atmospheric humidity.
Ground level : There are a few different types of bottom material that can be used in a vivarium, one that are simple is to take about 5 cm leca and above that a mixture of peat and bark-cross. And extra plus is if you can get some moss to grow on top of that.
Lights : Is an important bit if you want to create a beautifully vivarium. It doesn’t seem that the frogs have any demands on the light itself. However the plants need a lot of light to flourish. Mainly use light tubes as they bring more light to the vivarium than ordinary light bulbs or spot lights do.
Plants : When it comes to plants you can let your imagination flow.
Suitable plants fore rainforest-vivarium are Ficus.pumila ( water ficus ), Tillansia and Bromelias. Some Orchids are also suitable fore rainforest-vivariums.
Remember your vivarium main purpose is to work as a rainforest-biotope....